These 2 Characters

Ryan McConnell and Colin Gray

A Dungeons and Dragons Character Creation Podcast

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These 2 Characters is a Dungeons and Dragons Character Creation Podcast, with Ryan McConnell and Colin Gray


  1. The Cat is Back, the Genie is Out, and the Detective Breaks Bad

    The artificer and famous dancer “Catina Turner” is saved by her junk fixing brother, the dragonborn “Charlez Bronzon” – but at what cost!?

    01 Mar 2021
  2. Can the Cook and Cobbler Survive the Ship?

    A Gith Fighter and Minotaur Monk aren’t looking for a fight, but a fight is looking for them.

    15 Mar 2021
  3. We Learn to Fear the Babba Frogga!

    What does a gambling wizard have in common with a Firbolg? Neither one wants to die at the hands of a Grung with a chip on its shoulder!

    05 Apr 2021
  4. A Song of Cat Poop and Fool’s Gold

    Hope you likely crappy coffee and wild alchemy! But don’t trust that priest…

    12 Apr 2021
  5. Buy a Bok’s Box and Protect Your Investment Today

    Aarakocra Monk? Perfect synergy! Blood Hunter Tortle!? Uhhh, Ok…

    19 Apr 2021
  6. A Tall Man, A Sea Born, and a Dee Jay

    How to Save the World? Smart Real Estate Investments!

    26 Apr 2021
  7. How to Embrace the End of the World

    Former warriors, turned merchant and preschool teacher, take on the world.

    10 May 2021

Character Sheets

  1. Catina Turner
  2. Charlez Bronzon
  3. Pstivn Ckinge
  4. Adme Rich Dsandlar
  5. Mom the Firbolg
  6. Moe Sizzlerack
  7. Baristar Buckminster
  8. Pistachio
  9. Bok
  10. Lewis Shelton
  11. Frank Tallmen
  12. Kino Seaborn
  13. Lady Franzibald
  14. Shinkin